sue ferris   photographer


I have been a professional freelance photographer for the last 17 years and covered numerous editorial and advertising commissions. It's my work and I love it, but there are things beyond work.


One day on a visit to Taronga Zoo in my hometown Sydney, I saw a white Siberian tiger. It was love at first sight, for me anyway, but I rapidly discovered just how much all tigers, especially wild tigers need help. It inspired my fascination with tigers and it motivated me to take action about their plight.

Since then, I have become involved in wild tiger conservation to focus attention on this critically endangered species. More recently, I began work on developing tiger imagery products to highlight the importance of wild tiger conservation and also leverage fund-raising activities, which are part of my small contribution to the continued survival of tigers in the wild. As an experienced photographer with a passion for tiger conservation, I am ready, willing and able to contribute in the most meaningful ways possible.

Over the years, I have acquired considerable experience photographing tigers. During a photoshoot at Symbio Wildlife Park, the owner allowed me behind the tiger enclosures and I was able to get so close to one of these glorious big cats that I could feel a tiger's breath on my face. My focus narrowed and remains with constant inspiration by these words from the I Ching, that have special resonance:

"Without the breath of the tiger there will be no wind, only clouds, and certainly no rain".


To purchase any of my tiger Fine Art prints or wall decals simply click on the image and follow the link - 50% of all sales are donated to 21st Century Tiger - 

a vital tiger conservation organisation dedicated to preserving the lives and habitats of these beautiful big cats.